Thursday, June 23, 2011

On...In Case You Missed It...

The top five and other assorted musings can be found over at Grantland.

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Anonymous said...

Since it's Friday and almost 4pm CT and I am wired on coffee, I feel the need to scold you for your Kerry Collins comments.

Writer-please, if Collins won SBs with Carolina and NY he still would never get a sniff for the HOF. He
was an above average QB, but not much more.

His W/L record was 81-96. Even if you take out his disastrous stints in NO and Oakland, he would still only be 72-70.

He only completed 55% of his passes. His Y/A was only 6.6, his TD/Int ratio was about 1:1 and his QB rate was 75.

He bounced around 3 teams by the time that he was 30.

Not to mention he never passed the eye tests. Yes, he threw a beautiful ball, but his delivery was slow and he had the foot speed of me, so he needed elite protection.

It's fine to say he was underrated and such, but HOF?

No bleeping way.

Loved the posters. Have a good weekend.