Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Inconsequential Things (and One Consequential Thing) That Matter To Me

1. I wrote a couple of short pieces for GQ's new NBA package, one of which--on the NBA's new villains--can be found here. But you should check out the whole thing, if only because that Oklahoma City Thunder illustration is hyperawesome. 

2. I was going to write something about this mind-boggling piece* on the Huffington Post, but then Stephen Colbert said everything that needed to be said right here. Seriously, this is the most innovative website in the modern** history of the Internet.

3. Years ago, when I was a cub sportswriter in Akron, I took a phone call from a man named Pat Williams, who was looking for someone to help him write a book about his mentor, a baseball owner named Bill Veeck. I did not know much of Pat Williams' past history, beyond his remarkable role as an NBA lottery good-luck charm--I certainly did not know that he had once wrestled a bear--but I agreed to do it, and I was glad I did, if only because it acquainted me with two of the more fascinating people I'd ever come across. Pat is a force of nature, so relentlessly positive that I often had trouble believing he actually existed, and I have little doubt that if anyone can wrestle bone cancer into submission, it's him. And I don't normally do this, but if you happen to have the means and you'd like to make a donation toward a cure for what sounds like a truly nasty disease, here's a link.

*My favorite part is when he writes that the content written by HuffPo staff is the "most widely read" and is "the primary driver of everything else." Read that paragraph, then cast your inches two inches to the right and consider how many of the "top stories" on the site involve photos of a pantsless Jessica Simpson or video of an animal wreaking havoc.
 **Meaning, "the past 48 hours."

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