Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Bo: "I guess I'm a product of the '80's"

From a Newsweek interview with Bo Jackson:
Was there a point during your career when the attention got out of hand?

Back in the late '80s when I was living in Kansas City, I stopped answering my door. People would send their kids to come ask for an autograph. I started telling them that Mr. Jackson had moved to China.

I think what struck me about Bo, during the brief period I spent with him, and in the months I've spent studying him since then (as you may have guessed, he figures prominently in the book I'm working on), is just how self-possessed he is--even when engaged in the mundanity of daily life. Bo did/does what Bo wanted to do, for better or worse. In that way, he really did represent the new breed of athlete that emerged in the '80's. And not just in Tecmo Bowl.

(Photo: Ross Dettman,

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