Monday, June 22, 2009

On the Greatness of Chuck Fusina

Ever since I started toying with this medium, a friend of mine has been encouraging me to pick a fight with another blogger. This, I am told by certain unreliable sources in their twenties, is the essence of blogging: One person says something flippant, another person takes offense to it, lines are drawn, Mountain Dew is spilled on keyboards, bandwidth is needlessly occupied, links are no longer exchanged, 140-character insults ensue, and Facebook friends are torn apart.

So, let's do this:

Today, in blogging about the exclusion of Artis Gilmore from the Basketball Hall of Fame, the esteemed Jeff Pearlman wrote this: "nobody cares about Chuck Fusina."

Well, Jeff: I care! When I was six years old, Chuck Fusina was my hero! In fact, I am looking live at a Sports Illustrated magazine cover (date: 11/13/78), which hangs on the wall next to my computer and carries a photo of one Charles Anthony Fusina, in a Pennsylvania State University uniform, on the way to leading his team into a heartbreaking Sugar Bowl defeat at the hands of Alabama (a loss I blame entirely on Bear Bryant's hat). Anyway, the SI headline: Chuck Fusina Dazzles Maryland! Did Artis Gilmore ever dazzle a prominent Eastern state? I think...well, maybe he did, but that's not the point.

The point is: Have you seen Chuck Fusina's moustache? I think Chuck Fusina's moustache, in its prime, could murder Artis Gilmore's afro with its bare whiskers!

Also, Chuck Fusina has a sandwich named after him at a most excellent deli that I frequented in high school! And this sandwich contains roast beef and capicola! That's double the meat, my friend!

In conclusion, Chuck Fusina: Awesome. About this, there is no dispute.

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