Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Inconsequential Things That Matter To Me (Abbreviated Edition)

 1. Affirmation That All the Best Books of the Summer Will Be Re-examinations of '80's Icons

As if you needed more proof,* now there's this. If Cusack chooses to complete the Better Off Dead trilogy, I'd say Gen X's work is pretty much finished.

2. Big Ben

Unfortunately, despite the trend toward '80's redux, it would seem public apologies and mullets remain irreconcilable. Seriously, dude, have you been to Pittsburgh? I love it there, but the only thing a nice suit does in that town is get between you and your Prmanti brothers sandwich.

3. Note to Miley Cyrus

"Stilleto" does not rhyme with "memo." Also, when I nod my head, it generally indicates my affirmation of whatever proposition is being advanced. No need for repetition.

However, this tweet, from the incomparable Amy K. Nelson, taken entirely out of context and using the metaphorical rather than the literal definition of "coming out," allowed me to envision my favorite entirely mythical US Weekly cover of all time. If a member of the New York Yankees were to come out of the closet with the aid of a pop megastar, this would pretty much be the apex of tabloid America.

*Pre-orders welcome.

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